Why Story Coffee


Every coffee drinker want their coffee the right way, however a refined and passionate coffee lover knows what makes for a fine drink!
From the weight and body of your coffee’s aroma, the lightness or heavy build of its acidity, the citrus-like, fruity, nutty, smoky, caramelly, chocolaty or earthy tones and flavors in your drink to the subtle balance in the blend of Arabica and Robusta in your cup or size of grinding, every little detail counts to create a better cup!
We drink coffee as consumers and gradually gather an idea about the finer details of its taste. If you are aware of your coffee you can tell the difference between a stronger and more bold brew or a milder one. This is dependent on the two biggest deciding factors of your drink- Aroma, and Flavor. Aroma builds the feel of your coffee and flavor builds its body. For even the most basic drinkers of caffeine, the presence of a certain coffee-like smell is a very important factor. So is the smoky and unique coffee flavor. A more refined coffee drinker however knows to distinguish and delve deeper into these factors.
When you know your drink you want to drink the better of it. There sure are endless commercial coffee brands in the market in leaps and bounds but they severely lack the truth. The truth of flavor, aroma, taste, freshness, and quality in them. These are engineered to taste a certain way with very little freshness in them. Most people therefore hardly know what freshly roasted and ground coffee tastes like!
This is where artisanal coffee comes in. Premium coffees developed with premium care over periods from the finest locations of the country to curate the finest experiences of flavor, taste, aroma, richness, and quality are what make for an experience in your cup.
At Story Coffee, we endlessly strive to achieve that level of excellence in our coffees. Story Coffee grows its coffee cherries in the most prime conditions, climates, temperatures and with the best services in the finest South Indian coffee flourishing location of Coorg. Location or region is one of the major factors behind quality coffee. Each area has a distinct taste of the coffee grown in it, however, Coorg has been renowned for producing the finest coffee in the country. The estates and plantations chosen here count among the finest in the entire country and the growths are kept in heavy surveillance.
Another factor of prime importance in ensuring the richness of your coffee is its storage. The storage conditions and timing of coffee can change the whole game of its taste and quality. The earlier you receive your coffee the fresher it tastes. Beyond a certain point the beans starts losing all their good elements like the natural oil, flavor, aroma, sweetness, fruitiness etc. The longer your coffee is stored the more dry and bitter it becomes. Conditions of storage also largely affect your drink. Unhygienic conditions invite molds and other problems that simply ruin the beans and spread onto the entire batch. It becomes imperative to secure the coffee from all these negativities.
What becomes most imperative, however, is to be aware as a brand about what works and to care enough to make sure your customers get the best from what you make. At Story Coffee, we make it a norm to continually be in the habit of checking and improving upon our conditions, our hygiene, our quality We deliver your coffee in a matter of a couple of days. This jet speed is possible because the roasting and grinding is customized according to your needs and curated to send to you only the most freshly roasted and ground products! Only the highest flavors and aroma evokes when you open the seals of Story Coffee products.
Unlike the engineered products left on racks for days on end to dry and taste a bland basic way, the taste of our premium coffee should instantly emit freshness, punch, a strong aroma, flavor, and genuine organic quality from it.
Washed and unwashed coffee is yet another deciding factor to how artisan your coffee is. Unwashed coffee does have a fruity flavor left to it where washed coffee excels at being more refined due to being depulped. As subjective as the tastes of consumers are, a good brand knows to create a good blend between both. We keep in mind a variety of interesting drinkers who might want the best of both worlds and thus we keep a hint of premium cherry i.e. unwashed coffee with us too.

To become a premium brand takes a long and tedious journey from being basic and it does not stop there. Being an artisanal coffee brand is not a goal, for us, it is a continuous journey we aim to maintain. We remember to be as different as a home-cooked meal filled with affection is from a bland machine-made one on the markets! From resourcing our cherries from the best locations, plantations, and estates in the country, bringing the best hand-picked and sorted cherries being out by the dedicated farmers, sun drying these beans with utmost care to preserve the true taste and smell, using the best machinery and techniques to roast and grind to the curating facilities being available for our customers, it’s a journey we take with pride and passion. From giving grinding options like espresso, Moka pot, Channi, filter, French press to creating the best looking luxurious packages with seals, it is an effort we take at becoming premium but also continuously becoming better. From researching and sourcing the best Arabica and Robusta to create perfect blends to roasting in small batches for the utmost attention to each bean, it is the attention we pay to the customized desires of our customers!
That is what makes for art, artisanal coffee, a premium product that comes from a place of utmost love, attention, and finesse. At Story Coffee, we make better and we want you to drink what’s better!

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