About Us

Who and why

We are a couple of travel-loving Bangaloreans who simply can’t wake up without a steaming cup of coffee.

Not just that, we needed our favorite cup of coffee before we could pen any of our travel stories or before every important meeting in our bustling startup factory.  We like our coffee before lunch and after lunch as well. I think you get the drift. For us running out of great coffee is like running out of air.

So over the years, during many of our travels to the coffee-growing areas in Coorg and Chikmagalur, we managed to identify estates producing great coffee and tied up with them for sourcing coffee beans for our home and office. Over the years, friends who visited us also fell in love with our coffee and started dropping in more frequently.  At first, we thought our company was irresistible until the truth dawned on us, one fine day.

When the covid lockdowns hit Bangalore, we got so many desperate requests for coffee beans and ground coffee from our friends that we had to literally run a bootlegging operation. Few bags of coffee at a time from our connections in Coorg, dodging the road barricades, evading the lockdown enforcers, and then later finding a roaster who helped us understand the art of roasting our own beans. Needless to say, we had our adventure and soon friends became family.

As the lockdowns eased and shops opened up, we thought our coffee adventure was over but the requests for coffee never stopped, in fact, they doubled every month.

We tried to wean away from our friends from our coffee to some famous cafes and coffee brands available online, but it seemed like they were addicted to our coffee and started emotionally blackmailing us to continue our coffee adventure.

We liked our friends and we loved our coffee too. So we decided to plunge into the business of making coffee lovers from all over, happy.

Now we ship Story Coffee (roasted coffee beans and ground coffee) all over India and occasionally, overseas.

You can’t really call it a coffee business, because we are very picky about our coffee, we source only from known estates, and we roast our coffee in small batches every other day and grind the beans to order. 

So we are different from other coffee businesses that manufacture at scale. We are picky, we are slow, we are not that good at marketing (we just got introduced to Instagram, the other day). We like to make friends with people who buy our coffee. And you can’t do these things really well, at scale.

We love our little operation and we want to keep it as it is. That’s our story.

We are sure, you have your own story to tell. Let’s hear it over a cup of Coffee. What say?