Every season is Coffee season! this one is for cold coffee lovers

Every season is Coffee season! this one is for cold coffee lovers

For a regular coffee lover, no day or season of the year can act as a hindrance to have their daily shot of coffee. However, with the arrival of Indian summers like this one, adding more heat to your drink than there already is in your surrounding might not be the best idea! Stuck in a dilemma between having your daily coffee and not wanting a heat flash? Why not shift to a summer variation of your coffees.

The versatility of coffee is what makes it a worthwhile beverage. Instead of a hot boil, this summer go for a cooler version like Cold Coffee or Cold Brew!

Coffee is known to be a diuretic drink that creates a certain amount of fluid release from your body, especially when it is consumed warm. Tropical summers are quite the challenge for us to surf through already; we would not want to get dehydrated in these times. The alternative summer coffee options would do a bunch of things to protect us from this. Drinks like cold or iced coffee have a much higher quantity and amount of consumption by default so that it automatically increases the water levels we are input in our body. Along with this, drinks like iced coffee, cold coffee or even cold brew naturally have high water content in their recipes, as these are not concentrated drinks but completely water based drinks. That takes care of the possible dehydration problem in summers.

Why coffee and not other energy or sports drinks?

Nutritionists claim that even in the heat and otherwise too, colder versions of coffee and even hot coffees are a smarter choice for your health than sweetened cold, soft, sports or energy drinks. One of the main factors behind it is the higher sugar content in other drinks and almost negligible nutritional value. Eve when the caffeine content is similar or even more in coffees, sports or energy drinks are still suggested to be avoided. Each serving can have as much as 30 to 50g of sugar whereas every serving of coffee is known to have about 15 to 17g of sugar. The risks of higher sugar consumption are not unknown to us… It is proven by nutritionists that lighter coffees are a much healthier alternative.

Therefore, cooler versions of hydrated and smooth coffee are definitely a better summer choice for you than chemically processed and highly sugary sports and energy drinks.

What is cold coffee? Are Iced and cold coffee same? How is it made?

A satisfying and frosty, smooth drink that flavors entirely of coffee but also serves cold is truly the best. A cold coffee is different from iced coffee.   Even for non- regular coffee drinkers, this is quite a viable option. This frothy drink is made combining sugar and milk blended together with ice. Very similar to a frappuccino, you can add layers and flavors to your cold coffee by adding syrups and flavoring agents too!

For the process,

  • Add ¼ brewed filter coffee or espresso directly to the blend jar.
  • Follow this up by adding sugar, about 3 to 4 tea spoons.
  • Start blending it and continue for about 1 to 2 minutes till you can see the liquid visibly becoming frothier and thicker with a lighter shade of brown.
  • Open the blender and add anywhere between 3 to 8 ice cubes according to the consistency you want it in.
  • Now, pour about 500 ml of thick and chilled milk, preferably whole, to the mix.
  • Now blend it once again with all things added, for a minute till it becomes even frothier.
  • Take out a tall glass of your choice and pour the mixture, add toppings if you want, and serve chilled immediately to make sure the upper fancy layer of froth remains.

The difference between an Iced coffee and cold coffee is that a cold coffee is prepared from the scratch, whereas an iced coffee has to be brewed hot like regular coffee. Cold coffee on the other hand is steeped cold from the scratch.

Every café is known to have at least one variation of coffee which usually is cold coffees, but you can quite easily make some of it at home and carry it around in your flask going about your day sipping your sweet, caffeinated magic!

Another popular school of coffee variant for hot, tropical summers is the cold brew. This is especially for the regular everyday caffeine lover. A cold brew is more of a brewing type than a drink. The steeping process of a cold brew makes it different from other coffees, as this takes a well settled 24 hours or more time to be ready. It has heavy caffeine content, but it’s known to be low in acidity and is thinner than its hot counterparts.

 The actual catch in a Cold Brew is the time element involved. The cooling settlement of the brew overnight is what makes for the unique taste of the drink.

  • In order to make a cold brew coffee you need to place your ground coffee in an adequate amount of water and then leave it to be cooled and settled overnight and sometimes for as long as 24 hours for good results.
  • Then the act of filtering or straining follows to clear the extra coffee and then served.
  • Cold brew bottle is a subtype of this version of brewing. In this method you bottle up water and coffee.
  • The coffee should be ground in a medium to fine size which makes it look like granulated sugar crystals.
  • This mixture should then be put in the refrigerator for about 8 to 12 hours to reach the perfect taste.
  • The result comes in the form of a smooth fizzy coffee concentrate.

Therefore a cold brew is known to be extremely smooth and somewhat sweet as well as strong tasting, perfect for using in iced coffees. Due to its extremely high caffeine content, we recommend you to not have it directly unless you are planning to pull an all-nighter. What is done instead is mixing ice and making it your iced black coffee, or using it to make cold coffees and other smooth and cold drinks.

Summers are the perfect time to experiment with your coffees, so go ahead and have hydrated coffee rich and happy summers!


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