Coffee estate in Chikamagalur

Best coffee estates in Chikmagalur that you no way heard about 

The coffee is grown at an altitude between,000 and,500 ft, with the product of Arabica and Robusta coffee sap. The notorious Mysore coffee, which has different- looking bluish- slate multicolored long wide sap, and the coffee has a veritably mild and subtle flavor, is also produced on the coffee colony of Chikmagalur. The exclusivity of Mysore coffee is that it could be blended and used in numerous forms, as a beating, as a flavor, or outgunned on a drink or it could be blended with coffee from another region. 

Known for its coffee colony, the view from the hills is splendid, with views of the white blossoms of the coffee colonies and aqueducts. The excursionists and callers can take walk and perambulation through the private coffee estates. The aroma and the trace of coffee in the air is a treat for the senses and it’s a must- visit for all coffee suckers.

Chikmagalur Coffee Estate

Your visit will be deficient if you do n’t take a break and spend some comforting moments amongst the thick, wild coffee backwoods. utmost of the Chikmagalur resorts are positioned amongst the background of coffee colonies, so you would n’t have to travel for long hauls to smell fresh coffee sap. possessors of these coffee colonies keep organizing visits, where they will brief you about the coffee- making process, its history, etc. The colonies are the perfect place to do nothing except sit down and give your mind and body the important necessary rest that it deserves. 

Types of coffee Beans in Chikmagalur 

Different type of coffee beans

 The coffee grown in Chikamagalur is of two types – Arabica and Robusta. In the time 2017 to 2018, the place products 35, 900 metric tonnes of Arabica and 48, 110 tonnes of Robusta. The State produced,300 MT of Arabica and,460 MT of Robusta. The Indian donation to the entire globe stands at,100 MT of Arabica and,300 MT of Robusta. 

 Arabica and Robusta 

Coffee beans price in Chikmagalur 

Coffee beans on table

The Cost of Robusta Parchment coffee bean price increased to Rs,000 per bag. The last time when Arabica coffee reached the loftiest rate was in 2014 at Rs,600 to Rs,800 per bag. The price saw a downcast trend and touched Rs,000. Arabica Cherry bean price costs Rs,800- Rs,200 a bag while the rate of Robusta Cherry bean price ranges between Rs,200 and Rs,800 per bag. farmers in Kodagu, Chikkamagaluru, and Hassan have expressed their happiness about the advanced request rate of coffee, despite problems of deficit. 

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