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Frequently Asked Question!

No, much against the general idea coffee is derived from the cherries of coffee plants whereas cocoa and other chocolate products come from the big pulpy fruits of the Theobroma Cacao tree.

Whilst making coffee everybody applies their own signatures procedures  into it… however experts claim that on a general note of coarse to medium grained coffee it should stay in contact with water for 5 minutes. The stronger your pressing the lower the time taken.

A cup of generic coffee can contain a caffeine content of somewhere around 40 mgs. A cup of black coffee however contains as much as 96 mgs of caffeine.

The human body stays alright with around 400 mgs of caffeine per day which sums up to around 4 cups of black coffee a day.

The world is constantly discovering newer flavors, blends and styles of coffee. However at the ground level there are very basic divisions of coffee beans- the Robusta and the Arabica. Other lesser famous types include Excelsa, Liberica, Typica etc.

Arabica coffee beans are the highest consumed coffee in the world. These are soft, sweet and have a rich flavoured taste compared to other variants.

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