Holiday at India’s Coffee Land: Coorg.


Coorg is a perfect getaway for those looking for a richer experiential holiday at India’s Coffee Land. Rolling hills, great cool weather, great food and a distinct culture makes it an ideal place to take a break.

Located at about 257 km from the state’s capital of Bangalore, Karnataka’s Coorg is quite the land of scenic beauty and prized natural possessions. The closest airport is at Mangalore, about 160 km. Most national and international travellers use this to reach Coorg.

Locally known as Kodagu, Coorg is a part of the Indian Western Ghats range that covers an area of about 4102 sq. Km.
Coorg is commonly known as the coffee land of India, locals and travellers also call it the Scotland of India. Kodagu is an entirely hilly region with a perpetually misty and beautiful weather throughout the year.

To give a general picturesque description of Coorg would include lofty mountains with thick and lush greenery. Also a foggy and mystical atmosphere all around with extremely pleasant temperatures. Madikeri is both the district headquarter and main town of Coorg. The land covers other important cities like Virajpet, Kushalanagara, Somwarpet etc. Madikeri, Virajpet and Somarpet are the three talukas of Coorg.

Coorg is predominantly an agriculture and tourism based land. It is no secret- most of the lush greenery here is almost entirely from Coffee Plantations. Yes, Coffee Plantations and tourism yield for maximum state revenues.

Therefore it is only fair on our part to mingle the two !

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The temperatures are extremely pleasant here at Kodagu. Even in summers the maximum average is a mere 26°C compared to the rest of India which reaches 40°C! Winters are cool to cold with 15°C to even 0°C in the hilly areas.
Coorg is actually an amalgamation of all the beauties and riches of nature.

Business tourism is s prosperous area here. This is again because of the unending number of estates. These help the economy and the gorgeously set backdrop of low sloped hills and woods with cool and tolerable temperatures throughout the year.

tourist who plans to come

So if you are a tourist who plans to come to a land that has soothing temperatures, a beautiful and green landscape. But also a living sector flourishing their way through this beauty, Coorg should be your choice.
Coming to what gives Coorg the international recognition : Coffee plantations.

The entire land of Coorg is completely based on coffee plantations when it comes to beverages. Coffee from Coorg is enriched, moist and fragrant and appreciated all over the world. Most of the fine artisanal and premium coffees of India are originated from Coorg.

The speciality about the area is that the coffee estates of Kodagu are chiefly natural Woodlands, with no undergrowth. Therefore native trees coexist with other inter-planted spices and fruit trees. Hence, shade grown Coorgi Coffee is the result and we all know shade grown coffees have loads of advantages.

The slower maturation process ensures that there is lower acidity and a much more complex flavour profile.
The blessed land results in rich qualities of Coorg Coffees. Wet with fertile conditions throughout the year, Kodagu has the best climate too.

Karnataka’s national coffee monopoly with 71% coffee production is entirely based solely on Coorg and Chikmaglur.

This shows the huge quantity of coffee the land produces.
Domestic purposes as well as heavy exportation to Europe becomes the usage of Coorgi coffee. There woody forests and hills of soft undergrowth, sunlight forming a cover on the bushy Arabica and Robusta plantations. There are ripe red cherries on every corner. A range of silver oak and rosewood trees all around the locality of the green hills. All these makes for quite the scenery to admire.


Coorg tourism has a lot to offer beyond the Madikeri fort and Abbey falls. There is the Irruppu waterfall, Namdroling Monastery, Omkareshwara temple, Talakaveri, Raja’s Seat. The Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Mallalli waterfalls, Chettalli, Tadiandamol Peak, rivers like Barapole, Harangi, the entire Somwarpet range, Dubare Camp, Chelavara waterfalls are only some of the touring locations to cover Coorg.

Coffee smelling estates everywhere

Coffee smelling estates everywhere give this warm fragrance all around localities. Coming to activities, you simply cannot run out of things to do. Firstly, make sure to you experience at least one home stays. Visiting Coorg, most travellers choose to have the authentic Coorg experience by staying in homestays built amidst coffee plantations.

Most of the resort chains or luxury accommodations that you are going to find, will be amidst lush estates and gorgeous coffee plantations. It is, without a doubt, the best way to enjoy Coorg and the famous Kodava hospitality.

Choose one of the heritage homestays on the hilly slopes to get the flavours of true Coorgi tourism. With breath-taking backdrops of the mountains, woods all around you and truly artisanal South-Indian filter coffee to make for a worthy trip.

river crossing and rappelling

To make for an adventurous stay, try river activities like river crossing and rappelling near the Keemalekad. Go for rafting at the Barapole river or get some kayaking done at the Kabbe river. While at Barapole, why not give yourself a true treat by drinking our coffee which is actually from Barapole?

Go waterfall seeing at Somwarpet and surrounded places, take walks up to the falls. Play golf in the capturing greens of Coorg while catching a glimpse of a wild deer maybe…! Go for trekking at the hill ranges of Coorg like Thadiyandamol or Pushpagiri. You can also go for a holy visit to the origin of the holy Cauvery river.

South Indian cuisines are distinct and loved world wide. Hence it becomes imperative for one to try the local cuisines like pork curry with Kadambuttu or steamed rice balls, Noolputtu or string hoppers with chicken or mutton curry, local gourds and pumpkins with akki roti.

Coffee plantations at Coorg Hills.

To feel the flavours and essence of Coorg make sure not miss out on the coffee flavoured wines.
And after all the river rafting, temple hopping, wind surfing and trekking go for those Coffee Plantation walks. It’s a heritage of Coorg that deserves all your attention.

The finest filter and artisanal coffees of the entire nation are from here. Coffee is grown, hand picked, hand made, hand sorted and sun dried here in these plantations. Coorgi plantations not only grow coffee. The growth of cardamom, tea, pepper, honey and other Indian spices is simply a fragrant treat to behold.

Go for the coffee tasting workshops and sessions to enrich your luxurious experiences in the land of all things beautiful!
While returning, make sure you leave with packs of freshly roasted artisanal filter coffees, spices, scenic pictures and a bag full of unforgettable memories, only to come back again!

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